CNaNoJ14 – Day 11 (and short Marry Me excerpt)

I haven’t posted one of these recently. I was supposed to do it the other day, but I ran out of time.

I passed 30k that day. :)

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Sue and… Who?

Sue and me went shopping.

We all know by now that that is the incorrect way to write it – it should be Sue and I.

I came across a helpful tip today to remember it: take out the person’s name. If the sentence still makes sense, then it’s right. (Me went shopping is not a correct sentence.)

But it also explains a similar thing that I’ve previously struggled with. Is it Sue’s and my car, or mine and Sue’s car? (Or any of the other variables if that sentence.)

Neither of them seemed quite right, until I applied this tip to it. If I take out Sue’s name, I’ve either got my car, or mine car.

It’s now easy to see which sentence is better.

What about you? Do you have any tips that you use to remember grammar rules?

~Izzy (misslovestowrite)

PS. Tell me if I’ve gotten something wrong, and I’ll fix it.

CNaNoJ14 – Day 3 (and Marry Me excerpt)

Woah. 7k today. How did that happen?

I’ve nearly reach 15,000 total, which puts me almost half-way towards my goal. In three days. o.O

There’s another short excerpt from Marry Me for you today. Read on if you’d like to see it :).

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CNaNoJ14 – Day 2 (and Marry Me excerpt)

Camp NaNoWriMo July Edition has began, and so far, it’s been awesome.

I’m working on editing Marry Me, and I’ve already done three chapters, two of them being yesterday.

Here is a short excerpt from the end of chapter one:

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3 Elements Challenge – D02

Day two is upon us. So is a taxi, Valentines day, and an old enemy.

Yes, those are my three items for today.

The first 200 words are below, like yesterday. If you want to read the whole 732 words, check out the instructions after the excerpt.

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3 Elements Challenge – D01

Had no idea what to write, so I started looking up prompts. So now I have a new challenge idea.

This page has a list of prompts using 3 elements to all be included in a story together. Five days a week for two weeks, I’ll try and do one (though after Camp NaNo starts, I can’t promise I’ll stick to it).

Today, I’m doing the 9th prompt in the list: a horoscope, makeup, and a missing tooth.

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Yes, That Is What It Looks Like

Today, I put the last word down in my first draft of Marry Me.

I have nearly 50k words at the moment. It looks like a total mess, but the story’s there :) My plan is to leave it alone for a couple of weeks, then read it. Then, I’ll work on the second draft for July. It’s so exciting :D

~Izzy (misslovestowrite)


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