Woah. 7k today. How did that happen?

I’ve nearly reach 15,000 total, which puts me almost half-way towards my goal. In three days. o.O

There’s another short excerpt from Marry Me for you today. Read on if you’d like to see it :).

“Seriously?” I asked. “This is your idea of a romantic date?”

“This was meant to be romantic?” Axle asked.

I gave him a flat look. “Yes, and you know it. It was in my terms: at least one romantic date every week.”

I we were going to do this, I at least wanted to like him.

“I was teasing you, Birdy. I knew it was supposed to be romantic,” he said.

I ignored the nickname and crossed my arms. “And yet, you brought me to Fowlers?”

“I practically own this joint,” he said.

I let out a long breath. “That makes it even worse!”

At least he opened the door for me when he forced me to get out of the car.

What’s your goal, and how are you going with it?

~Izzy (misslovestowrite)